Wednesday, 25 May 2011

XMF and XModeler

Both XMF and XModeler are now available from my home page. Click on the links to the left to get instructions for download and for documentation. XMF is a language for developing Domain Specific Languages and for Language Oriented Programming. XModeler is an IDE for Model Driven Engineering and for developing XMF programs.

The download of XMF includes the source code. Since XMF is written in itself (on a small VM written in Java), this is an excellent place to start to see what you can do with the language. XMF supports both functional and object-oriented programming. Classes in XMF have optional grammars that can be used to create syntax-classes that extend the base language. XMF includes features for pattern matching, processing XML, writing prolog-style rules over object structures, threads, daemons, quasi-quotes for processing syntax. Virtually all aspects of the language are open for extension and reflection.

The download of XModeler includes the source code (the actual sources will follow later) so you can browse through the implementation using the various editors. XModeler is written in XMF.

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